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Emergency Services

For those members interested in working any portion of the Emergency Services Mission of Civil Air Patrol, here is some information on how to get started.

1.  For Cadets, you must have completed your Curry Achievement (promotion to C/Amn).  For Seniors, completion of Level 1 Orientation is required.

2.  Complete the online General Emergency Services Test.  This test is located in the Learning Management System in E-Services.  To access the material and the course, log into E-Services, click on the drop down menu at the top left of the screen, click on Online Learning, Click on Learning Management System.  You can then either choose to take the course in the Learning Management System or in the new AXIS System.  Both courses are the same and will have links to the material that is covered in the test.

3. Take CAPT 117, all parts.  While these tests are geared toward different areas within Emergency Services, the information that they contain is actually useful for all of the different specialties within the program.  These tests are also included in the Learning Management System and the AXIS System.

4. For all of the Emergency Services Specialties, you will need to complete at a minimum, the FEMA IS-100 and IS-700 tests.  These are located here - FEMA Training Courses

You will need to register for a Student ID number before you can complete these courses.  The link to registering for this ID number is on the left hand side of your screen.  Please write down and save this ID number and the password that you select and keep them in a secure location.

Once you have completed an exam in this system, save/print a copy of your completion certificate for your files as you will need to upload the certificate to E-Services as a part of the record of completion and validation of these courses.

5.  Complete the online Introductory Communications User Training in the Learning Management System.  Note that this course is only available in the AXIS Learning System, so it has to be completed there.  There are three (3) parts to this online training and you must complete all three parts online.  Once that is done, there are two (2) certification practical portions that have to be completed.  The online practical portions are completed by contacting Lt Col Tindill or Lt Prayne as they are the only members of the Squadron who are currently authorized to sign off on the practicals.  Once that is completed, they will enter the certification into your online training record and credit for ICUT will be shown in your record.


Once all of the above is completed and recorded into your online record, you can begin working on training in a specialty area of Emergency Services.  By accessing the National Headquarters Emergency Services Education and Training Page here NHQ ES Training you can review the different areas of Emergency Services Specialties and see what is involved for each of the different levels of that training.  The Squadron Emergency Services Training Staff, led by Lt Prayne, will assist you in your selections and training for these specialty areas to include showing you where and how to upload completion data into your online training records.

For any questions, please contact Lt Prayne or Lt Col Tindill and we will do our best to assist you.

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